April 12, 2011

Toys for children 2 year olds

Toys for play

1.A book picture  with clear images as real.Children benefit of the player: a note about innocent animal training articles, vegetables, fruits and speech.

2.Toys, tug and push to come to.Children benefit of the player: training the eye and hand coordination to work together and practice of hand wrist muscles.

3.Wooden blocks of different size, shape, about 5-6 pieces.Children benefit of the player: Learn to observe training overlap.

4.Carton or box made of wood, plastic or cardboard. Sort the children caught the size or overlap, such as plastic cups.Children benefit of the player: arranged and practice shape comparing ideas.

5.Box,with holes to allow children to select the images took shape block form has let down the hole.Children benefit of the player: training, observation forms. Learn how to use eye And the corresponding hand.

6.Toys is a picture frame, fret in a series ordered by a large or small, short to long to sort out and remove the new one.Children benefit of the player: training, observation length, and practice of hand muscles.

7.Images montage 3-6 pieces of  such as animals, houses made of plastic, cardboard may allow children to be cascaded by trial and error.Children benefit of the player: Compare observed practice of training the mind by thinking of a complete picture.

8.Take a lot of sand toys, sand play in the pond, such as shovels, tanks made of plastic spoons.
Children benefit of the player: practice of finger, hand arm muscles.

9.Doll or a ball made of soft material such as rubber cloth to catch Khim children play or throw a ball during play.Advantage of the player children: Development and Learning in the sense of touch. Learn how to use eye coordination with arm muscles, fingers nimble.

10.Toys that capture and compress sound. Or make any noise.Advantage of the player children: children fun when strangulation and noise. Training and development of sound and hand muscles.